What Is Grading?

Grading is the process of leveling the ground to provide proper fill and water drainage for the land around your home or building.

When Is Grading Needed?

Grading is needed after the ground around your home or building has compacted and
settled. Usually the process is slow, taking years before you will notice the lost level of ground. However, the settlement process may be sped up by water erosion, animals digging, new construction, and other factors. Improper grading around the home can lead to settlement of the house, walkways, driveways, and essentially any other weighted object on the ground. Spotting settled ground can sometimes be a difficult task. Using markers such as concrete, the foundation, or other structures on the ground will help you to identify any areas in need of attention. Your ground level should always be highest against
the home or building, you should never be able to see the base of your concrete or asphalt, and water should never be standing. If you begin to notice any of these
signs, its time to start considering a regrade of your ground.

Benefits Of Grading

The most important benefit of grading your land is water drainage. Water can cause erosion, can leak into your home, flood your yard, and cause your concrete or asphalt to settle quickly. Grading also helps to
prevent unwanted animals from moving in to newly exposed areas such as under your front porch. Properly maintained grade levels will provide you with
healthier soil for you plants to blossom, and save you money on future repairs caused by settlement.

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How Grading Works

Step One

Markers are staked out to ensure proper soil depth.

Step Two

Fill soil is spread to raise the ground level to meet grade.

Step Three

Markers are removed and top soil is added.

Frequently Asked

Does Grading Need To Be Done Regularly?

Soil settling is a slow process in most cases. We recommend inspecting your soil levels every 3 to 5 years.

How Long Does Grading Take?

Typically grading is accomplished in under two days. Depending on the size of the project, it may require longer.

Is Grading Important?

Grading ensures proper water drainage which helps to slow settling and increase the
life of your property.

Can Grading Be Done Any Time?

Grading service can be done on dry days, with a temperature about freezing.

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