Void Filling

Over time your ground levels will compact, animals will dig, and water will erode. Cavities can begin to open up underneath your concrete creating a hollow space. These spaces can cause concrete to crack and settle, poor water drainage, animals to move in, and more. Filling these cavaties can prevent more damage and expense down the road. Call the professionals at ProLift and see what we can do to put your mind at ease today!

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What Is Void Filling?

Void filling refers to the process of filling cavities under you concrete with a slurry mixture of sand, clay, and cement.

What Causes Voids To Form?

Voids can form over time as your ground levels shift. Creation of these hollowed spaces can be caused by soil compaction, water erosion, animal burrowing, organic
material decay, temperature cycles, and more.

Benefits Of Void Filling

Filling voids under your concrete is an important part of your home maintenance. Leaving voids exposed can lead to settlement, uninvited animal guests, and will ultimately a more costly future repair. Ensuring your concrete is well supported and free of uninvited guests will not only make your concrete safer, but will extend its life and save you money!

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How Void Filling Works

Step One

The opening of the void is first dug out to ensure the pump hose can be fed under the concrete. In situations where this cannot be done, holes are drilled through the surface to allow for injection into the void.

Step Two

A slurry mixture of sand, clay, and cement is then pumped
into the void until it is completely full.

Step Three

Once the void is full the dugout ground is then replaced, and if injection was used, the holes are patched with fresh concrete.

That's It!

The void is now filled and left to cure. Use of the area can resume immediately.

Frequently Asked

What If I Have An Animal Moved In?

Unfortunately we do not offer animal removal services. If you know you have an animal calling your void home, we reccomend having the animal removed prior to service.

How Long Does A Void Fill Take?

Most voids can be filled in just a couple of hours. Bigger or less accessible areas may take up to a day.

What Temperature Does It Have To Be?

Our slurry mixes are made on site. With water being a component, the outside temperature must be above freezing for service.

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