Crack Repair

Are cracks opening up in your concrete? Is the surface chipping, debris building up, or is water leaking in? Sealing your cracks now may prevent you from more damage in the future! Schedule a free estimate with our professionals today!

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What Is Crack Repair?

Crack repair refers to the sealing of cracks caused by settling and aging of concrete surfaces. It is done using a flexible caulk, epoxy, or can be done with concrete patching in instances with larger gaps.

Why Did My Concrete Crack?

Concrete cracks due to its rigid nature. Ground settlement, loose soil, uneven drying, animal burrowing, temperature changes, voids, and more will all cause cracks. Left untreated these cracks will expand over time leading to further damage and greater costs to repair.

What are the Benefits of Crack Repair?

Cracks are present in all concrete surfaces, its unavoidable. Once the cracks begin to open up, water can begin to seep in
causing further damage to the concrete and surrounding areas as it erodes or freezes. As the cracks grow the repairs can become more costly. Sealing your
cracks early on will prevent further damage to your concrete, extend the life, and save you money in future repair.

Is your Foundation Cracking?

Foundation cracks are not effectively sealed using a caulk or concrete patching. Instead, crack injection is used to provide you with a repair that will last. Learn more today!

How Crack Repair Works

Step One

The area is cleaned of any loose debris

Step Two

The crack is sealed using a concrete caulk

*In cracks over an inch in width, concrete patching or epoxy
is used.

Step Three

After the cracks have been sealed allow for 24 hours of cure

The Repair is Complete!

Frequently Asked

Can All Cracks be Repaired?

Most cracks can be repaired with caulk or patching. Some instances where the concrete has degraded too far, or the cracks are too big may prevent a successful repair.

Is Concrete Patching or Caulking the Better Choice?

Caulking is the best choice. This provides a solution that not only seals the crack but remains flexible to allow for future movement of the ground.

How Long Does Crack Repair Take?

Most crack repairs can be completed in just a few hours.
Some more extensive repairs may take up to a few days to complete.

Can the Cracks in My Concrete be Repaired?

If you’re unsure of whether or not you need a crack repaired, give us a call for a free consultation.

How Long Does a Crack Repair Last?

Typically, a crack repair should last between 5 and 7 years before needing to be sealed again.

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