Power Washing

Has your concrete surface become dull and dirty over time? Is it stained from weathering, dirt, oil, mold, or starting to grow moss? Call the professionals at ProLift today, and give your concrete the wash it deserves!

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What Is Power Washing?

Power washing or pressuring washing is the process of using
water under high pressure to clean dirt, mold, algae and other contaminants from
the surface of your concrete.

When Should I Wash My Concrete?

Concrete should be cleaned on a regular basis as part of your normal maintenance, yearly is recommended. This ensures your concrete remains free of any dirt build up and the removal of contaminants that can lead to deterioration of the surface. It is important to consider properly cleaning your concrete before applying sealers, paints, epoxy, and other resurfacing agents to ensure maximum adhesion. Washing should be done during above freezing temperatures to prevent damage and cracking from water freeze.

Why Should I Wash My Concrete?

Exposure to the elements will wear down a concrete surface over time. Dirt and other
debris will open the door to plant life. Once plant life takes hold, the roots will begin to work their way through the concrete leading to cracking and further deterioration of the slab. Salt and other contaminants, when left unwashed, will lead to flaking and pitting as your concrete ages, resulting in a crumbling mess over time. Cleaning your concrete regularly will help to extend the life.

Benefits of Power Washing Your Concrete

Regular washing of your concrete surfaces will prevent damage by removing unwanted contaminants, liquids, plant life, and build up. It is a necessary part of concrete maintenance and a must for a surface that will
have sealer, painting, or other top coats applied. Cleaning your concrete surfaces extends the life of your concrete and will save you money on future
repair costs!

How Power Washing Works

Step One

The area is removed of any objects that may obstruct the
process. Then all loose debris are blown and swept off.

Step Two

Once loose debris has been removed, the washing begins.

Step Three

After the wash has been completed, the area is rinsed down,
and blown off of any additional loose debris.

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Frequently Asked

How Often Should I Wash My Concrete?

We recommend cleaning your concrete regularly and making
it a part of your yearly maintenance schedule.

How Long Does Power Washing Take?

power washing is done in one day. Depending on the size of the area to be cleaned, it could take less or more.

What Should I do Before Service?

Remove any personal items, furniture, cars, etc. from the area to be washed.

Can Power Washing be Done Any Time of Year?

Power washing is achieved using water under pressure. Washing cannot be completed unless the temperature is above freezing to prevent any damage to the surface or the equipment.

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