Crack Injection

If you own a house, chances are you have seen water seepage. A cracked foundation can let the water in, leading to water damage, drywall cracking, warping floors, and more! Crack injection is a cost effective way to seal those cracks to stop them from getting worse and keep the water out. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our professionals!

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What Is Crack Injection?

Crack injection refers to the process of forcing a fluid epoxy resin into a void or crack in a foundation wall. Upon curing it provides a strong and watertight seal.

How Is Crack Injection Done?

Crack injection is a relatively easy process. The crack is first cleaned of any loose debris, and fitted with injection tubes. The surface of the crack is then sealed up leaving only the tubes exposed. Epoxy resin is then forced through each of the tubes to seal the concrete crack all the way through. Once the injection is completed you will be left with a solid, waterproof repair.

Benefit Of Crack Injection

Cracks in your foundation walls can spell big trouble to any property owner. These cracks can lead to water seepage that will cause damage, allow rodents like mice into your space, lead to failed inspections and decreased property value. Leaving foundation cracks untreated will cause further damage and lead you to more costly repairs in the future.

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How Crack Injection Works

Step One

The area is cleaned of any loose concrete or debris.

Step Two

Injection ports are placed and the surface crack is sealed with epoxy paste.

Step Three

Once the surface seal has dried, Epoxy resin is injected under low pressure through the injection ports into the crack.

Step Four

After filling the crack completely, the resin is left to cure. The injection ports can be removed after 24hours or left in place permanently.

Frequently Asked

How Long Does Crack Injection Last?

Crack injection typically last 5 to 7 years before it may need to be resealed, in some cases the repair is permanent.

How Long Does It Take For A Crack To Be Injected?

Crack injections are a relatively quick repair, with most being completed in less than a day. Larger projects may take longer.

What If I Have A Finished Basement?

Unfortunately in order to effectively repair a crack, the cracked area in the wall must be exposed. In some cases, digging and injecting from outside the home can be

How Warm Does It Have To Be For Crack Injection?

In order for the epoxy to seal and cure effectively, it
needs to be at room temperature.

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