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Raise Your Settled Concrete

Have you ever noticed your concrete is a little sunken? Is your front step getting harder to climb up? Is there a trip in your walkway or a speed bump into your garage? Is your patio leaning toward the house letting water drain into your home? Don't replace your settled concrete, Raise It! Contact the professionals at ProLift Concrete Raising today to learn more about how we can save you time and money on your concrete repair!

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What is Concrete Raising?

Concrete Raising, also known as mud jacking, slab jacking, concrete leveling, grout pumping, concrete lifting, or other similar terms; is the process of raising settled concrete back to its original height.

Injecting a specialized material beneath the concrete, fills voids, stabilizes loose soil, and lifts the concrete to its original position or desired height.
Providing you with a cost-effective and efficient solution to restore your settled concrete!

How It Works

Which mix is right for me?

A info graphic depicting information about the stand mix of material used in concrete lifting. A mix of sand, clay, and cement. A cost-effective solution for lifting concrete. Works well for residential projects such as walkways, driveways, and patios. Backed by a two-year warranty.

Our Standard Mix is a blend of sand, clay, and cement that follows industry standards, ensuring its quality and reliability. This cost-effective mixture offers a durable solution for various concrete lifting applications and is backed by a hassle-free 2-year warranty.

Informational graphic providing information about the Pro Mix blend of materials for concrete lifting. Increased compressive strength and durability. Ideal for heavy lift projects such as stoops and garages. A longer lasting repair backed by a five-year warranty.

Building on the foundation of our Standard Mix, the Pro Mix incorporates a higher cement content to enhance its strength and durability. This higher cement ratio provides increased compressive strength, making it the perfect choice for heavy lifts and projects where stability and load-bearing capacity are crucial. Pro Mix ensures that your concrete surfaces will stand up to heavy traffic, resist cracking, and maintain their integrity over time. This makes it an ideal option for areas that experience high footfall or vehicle usage and you receive the added assurance of our 5-year warranty.

Exploring the Benefits of Raising Your Concrete

Concrete lifting offers a wide range of benefits that make it an effective solution for addressing various issues with sunken or uneven concrete surfaces. Here are some explanations of the benefits:

  • Sealing off cavities: When concrete slabs sink, they can create voids or gaps beneath the surface. These voids can become homes for small animals or pests. Raising the concrete fills these cavities, effectively sealing them off and preventing unwanted visitors from accessing those spaces.

  • Removing trip hazards: Sunken or uneven concrete can create hazardous tripping conditions, especially for pedestrians. Concrete raising can lift and level the sunken areas, eliminating these tripping hazards and making the surface safe for everyone.

  • Restoring comfortable steps: If the steps in your property have settled or become uneven, it can be challenging and uncomfortable to use them. Raising the affected steps with concrete lifting restores a consistent rise, making them safe and comfortable to navigate.

  • Assisting in water drainage: If your concrete surfaces are sloping or have settled in a way that causes water to pool or flow incorrectly, concrete raising can help correct the issue. By leveling the surface, proper water drainage can be restored, preventing water damage and improving overall drainage efficiency.

  • Leveling rooms in your house: Uneven concrete floors inside your home can lead to furniture wobbling, difficulty in installing flooring or fixtures, and other inconveniences. Concrete raising can level these floors, creating a stable surface for interior spaces, ensuring smoother installations and improved functionality.

  • Stabilizing the ground: Sunken or uneven concrete can be a symptom of unstable or shifting ground. Concrete raising can stabilize the ground by filling voids and providing support to the concrete slabs. This helps prevent further settling or sinking of the concrete and can mitigate future issues.

Concrete lifting is a proven solution that offers advantages over other methods such as concrete replacement. It takes less time to complete, causes minimal disruption to the surrounding area, and most importantly is cost-effective.

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Does weather affect the work?

In order for the raising process to be successfully completed the outside temperature needs to be above freezing and absent any heavy rains.

Can I walk on the concrete after it has been raised?

Once the raising process is complete, you will be able to walk on the serviced area immediately. Outdoor furniture and small items may also be returned. We recommend keeping heavy weight off for the first 24 hours.

How long does the process take?

Jobs are typically completed on the same day of scheduled service or in just a few hours. Large projects may take more than one day.

Is there any warranty or guarantee?

Our standard mix concrete raising service comes with a 2-year warranty. The pro-mix raising service comes with a 5-year warranty. Additional years of coverage are available to purchase.

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