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They were very professional and did a beautiful job highly recommended

William H. Streamwood, IL

Joe and Justin just finished raising the concrete slabs on my back patio. The 4 slabs had settled and the back 2 slabs had sunk down causing water from rain to pool against the foundation. They adjusted all 4 slabs so the water would not pool at the back and would run off to the front. It's higher and well leveled. Price was great and they did a great job! I highly recommend this process!
Thanks Joe and Justin!


I had a great experience with a concrete lifting company this week. I called local companies and they wanted 3X the money for a 4x4 slab, Prolift offered the same job for 1/3 the price, their min charge to send a team out. Three man team came out, got the job done in under an hour. They were respectful of my property and made sure everything was washed down before they left. In a world where we are constantly gouged by vedors who take advantage, this one is a gem. I am in no way affiliated with this company.


They were right on time, finished very quickly (even in the rain).

Kenneth L. Bartlett, IL

They are very responsive when you call them to get the job on schedule.

 Chuck W.

Difficult job. However, they found a way to accomplish it and cleaned up after themselves.

Don B.

Joe & Justin were professional and easy to work with; I highly recommend them!


Justin and Joe provide professional results. Highly recommended. Prompt and reasonable service with an excellent outcome.


Highly recommended! Raised 2 large patio/step areas. Completed the job at the quoted price. Friendly and easy to work with. One entry was previously unusable and looks completely normal now.

Jumpity Hoppity Bouncers

Wow...good and fast. Really nice guys too. Yes, I would recommend ProLift.


I was very pleased with the work they did on my front stoop. Very professional and worked clean. The price was very reasonable.


The HOA had TRG Construction replace our decks with patios. We had to pay, but they hired them. They did a terrible job on mine so I reached out to ProLift to see if maybe they could raise my patio, because my step is too high. Unfortunately because it's attached to the stairs it won't work. I have been emailing Justin back and forth with numerous questions. He has gone out of his way for me knowing that unfortunately I can't use his company. I definitely would recommend them based on their knowledge and quick responses to questions. If down the road the association would let me replace the patio I would definitely use.

Lindsey H. Lincolnshire, IL

I hired these guys to raise a couple of sections of concrete in my patio & they did a great job.

But not only was the work done well, they showed up a little earlier than promised. They responded to phone calls within a couple of hours (unlike a competitor who was very unresponsive). Their price was even better than that competitor & even better, Joe quoted me a price initially, which was acceptable to me, however I had forgotten to mention I had this coupon from one of those "Saver" magazines for $25. When he called back the next day to confirm the job I asked if he would honor it & he did.
I highly recommend them!

Gary D. Naperville, IL

Fantastic service and fair price. Joe was extremely helpful in saving our patio. Service was quick and thorough. Highly recommend Prolift!

Douglas E. North Aurora, IL

We needed to have our patio and a portion of our driveway lifted after moving into a house in the Spring. They did a very nice job and advised us to make sure the ground around the slabs were backfilled. About a month later the septic service company backed their large and heavy tanker into our driveway and sunk the area that was raised. Prolift came out the next day and pumped it back up. Their prices are fair and really stand behind their work.

James K. Village of Lakewood, IL

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