Signs Your Concrete Needs to be Raised and Leveled

Signs Your Concrete Needs to be Raised and Leveled

Signs Your Concrete Needs to be Raised and Leveled

Concrete surfaces are present in all kinds of properties, including residential and commercial. While concrete is a highly durable material, it is not impervious to problems such as settling, sinking, and unevenness. When these issues arise, there can be a significant impact on your property's functionality, safety, and presentation. It is vital to identify early signs of sinking or settling concrete to address them before the problem worsens. In this article, we will discuss ten common signs that your concrete may require professional attention and what you can do to remedy the situation.

Uneven Surfaces

One of the most apparent signs that your concrete needs attention is when you notice an uneven surface. These surfaces make the area challenging to traverse and pose tripping hazards. They can be caused by various factors, such as soil erosion, significant loads on the concrete, and ground freezes and thaws. Professional concrete-raising companies can help level it out if necessary.

Cracked Concrete

If you notice cracks or visible damage on your concrete, it indicates the underlying soil beneath the slab has shifted or settled. Cracks in the concrete can appear in any number of patterns or shapes, including straight lines, spider webs, or a mix of both. While it could be due to various factors such as soil erosion, freeze-thaw cycles, or excessive weight on the concrete, it's essential to have a professional diagnose the problem. Raising and leveling the concrete can repair the damage and prevent further deterioration.

Water Pooling

Another sign that your concrete may need attention is the pooling of water on the surface. The occurrence of pooling water indicates that the concrete has sunk, causing low spots that water collects in. If left unaddressed, this may lead to damage or erosion of the surrounding areas. Water can penetrate the concrete through its pores and create rot or instability in the soil below, requiring more extensive repairs. Contact a professional concrete contractor to remedy it before it becomes a larger problem.

Sunken or Sloping Concrete Stairs

If you have concrete stairs that are sunken or sloping, it is essential that you seek professional help to have them raised and leveled. Uneven and leaning stairs present safety risks. Leveling will ensure proper functionality and safety for users.

Difficulty Opening or Closing Doors and Windows

When concrete settles, it can cause misalignment in doors and windows. This misalignment can make it difficult to open and close smoothly. If you don't attend to the problem, it will spread to the surrounding areas. Raising and leveling the concrete can help remedy the issue and restore proper alignment, ensuring smooth operation of your doors and windows.

Gaps Between Adjacent Concrete Slabs

If you notice gaps or spaces between adjacent concrete slabs, it may indicate that the concrete has settled or shifted. These gaps can collect debris and create a trip hazard, leading to dangerous situations. Contracting a professional concrete-raising company can rectify the problem, preventing further separation and damage to the surrounding areas.

Uneven or Sunken Concrete Patios

If your concrete patio has areas that are uneven or sunken, it can create an unappealing and potentially unsafe environment. Uneven patios can make furniture placement difficult and increase the risk of trips and falls. Raising and leveling the concrete patio can restore its functionality, creating a more enjoyable space for relaxation and entertainment.

Soil Erosion Around Concrete Slabs

If you notice soil erosion around your concrete slabs, it may indicate that the soil beneath the concrete has washed away, resulting in sinking or settling. This can be due to water runoff, improper drainage, or inadequate soil compaction during construction. Addressing the soil erosion and raising the concrete will help restore stability and prevent further damage.

Uneven surfaces, cracked or damaged concrete, water pooling, sunken or sloping stairs, difficulty opening or closing doors and windows, uneven or sunken patios, gaps between adjacent concrete slabs, and soil erosion are all signs that should prompt you to seek professional assistance. Timely action will not only restore the functionality and safety of your concrete but also prevent further deterioration and potential structural problems. Contact a professional concrete lifting company and receive a cost-effect long-lasting repair for you concrete settling needs.

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